School lunch

Menus and information will be sent home with students this week.  Please read below for details.  

Huntington Local Schools Food Service Announcement

Dear Huntington Parents/Caregivers and Students,

We are happy to provide delicious, nutritious, and FREE  breakfast and  lunch every school day for all students!   Currently, and thru the end of February, you can refer to your Menu Magnet Calendar to see what is offered each day.   Beginning in March lunches will include additional daily entrée choices and also some hot breakfast entrées. New menu items will  be added, but the district favorites will remain.  Additionally, the new breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the district website.  The new menu will include nutritional and allergen information.  


Hot breakfast choices will be introduced over the remainder of the school year for all grade levels.  We plan to start hot breakfast one day a week (Wednesday).  Eventually, as we gauge interest and fine tune our serving system, this may be expanded.    Breakfast will continue to be available as students enter in the morning.

Lunch Entrée Choices (Grades K-7)

An additional entrée choice will be offered at lunch to all K-7 Grade Students.  We plan to start with a “Jammer Slammer Lunchable” option daily.  This will include a Smucker’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustable, String Cheese, and Cheddar Goldfish Crackers.  Students  can still choose 2 vegetables, a fruit and milk.   Eventually, we hope to expand these options to include things like Chef Salad, Yogurt and Cheese Lunchables and/or Pizza Lunchables. These choices are offered at no additional cost.

Lunch Entrée Choices (Grades 8-12)

Additional entrée choices will be offered at lunch to all students in Grades 8-12.  Students can choose one of these entrees for their lunch or choose the menued entrée of the day.   For the Grades 8-12  students we plan to start with the schedule below as alternate choices:

  • Monday- Cheeseburger on Bun

  • Tuesday- Wedge or Square Pizza

  • Wednesday- Quesadilla, Chicken or Cheese

  • Thursday- Breaded Chicken Sandwiches

  • Friday- Pizzeria Style Pizza

Each day students may choose from the regular menued entrée of the day,  the “Jammer Slammer Lunchables” or choose the entrée from the list above. All  students can still also choose 2 vegetables, 2 fruits and a milk to complete their meal.   

Interactive Menus  which will include Nutritional Information can be accessed from the district website

The food service website will provide important food service information and helpful articles on nutrition. This can be accessed from the home page of the district's website:  

At the top right of the District home page click ‘menu’, then scroll to ‘cafeteria', and then under cafeteria, select ‘menu’

    Here are some of the features of our new menus and website: 

  • Hover over any menu item and view the nutritional and allergen information.

  • Click on Nutrition, Nutrition Report Card, to select daily items and see total nutritional information for the day.

  • Enter any allergens you are concerned with under "special meal accommodations" and the menu will automatically highlight, in red, any menu items that contain those allergens. 

  • Print out a listing of carbs for a week or month as needed.

  • Sign up on the website to have the monthly menu automatically emailed to you as soon as they are posted to the website!

Phone App is Available

The phone app can be accessed by downloading the “Web Menus by Isite Software”on your phone.  More information on the phone app can be found on the food service web page as well.  

We hope you enjoy the new interactive menus as well as the new menu items and choices.   As always, we welcome your suggestions.  Please go to the contact page on our foodservice website to provide feedback!  Together, we hope to make the students’ breakfast and lunch experience at Huntington Local Schools the best it can possibly be.   

Direct link to menus:

K-12 Breakfast Menu

K-7 Lunch Menu

8-12 Lunch Menu