Dan Riddle

Special Programs Coordinator

Mr. Dan Riddle


Phone:  740.663.5892 Ext. 55141

Fax:  740.663.6078

Welcome to our Special Programs Page!  If you are new to the Huntington School district, let me give you a very brief background history. The 2021-2022 school year marked my 36th with the district. During that time, I have been a Social Studies teacher for grades 7-12, Middle and High School Guidance Counselor and have been serving as Director of Special Programs for the past 7 years. When people ask what I do at Huntington & I tell them I am the director of special programs, their next question is typically “OK…. But what do you DO?”

Special Programs encompasses a wide range of topics such as supervising the Special Education department for the district, EMIS coordinator (the state information reporting system), oversee the district’s federal programs such as Title I, coordinate the district preschool programs in cooperation with the Ross – Pike Educational Service District, develop & implement the district safety management program as well as numerous other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Meeting the needs of our Special Education population demands the majority of my focus. Students that are currently on Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) or are being evaluated for them and Section 504 plans make up about 20% of our district enrollment. My staff includes Chelsey Uhrig - School Psychologist and Danielle Morgan – Speech & Language Pathologist.

If you have questions about Special Education or any of the programs listed above, feel free to email me at dan.riddle@huntsmen.org or call my office phone, 740-663-7339 during school hours.