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Academic Expectations and Grade Recording

Huntington Local Schools has made an effort to provide academic opportunities and activities for all of our students.  The District has worked hard to develop a plan for recording grades for the fourth nine weeks.  It is important to ensure that the policies we put in place are fair and equitable for all students.  Below is the expectations and grading criteria for our final quarter:

  • Minimum expectation for student work is one (1) activity completed per week per subject.

  • Fourth nine weeks grades will be Pass/Fail. If students complete a minimum of six (6) activities per subject for the fourth nine weeks, they will earn a Passing mark.  Anything less than six (6) assignments per subject will earn a Failing mark.

  • Paper packets should be dropped into the Huntington Branch Library book return by May 21st located in front of the high school entrance.

  • Students that have not turned in assignments will receive an Incomplete.  Those receiving an incomplete will have until July 10, 2020 to turn in assignments to receive credit for the fourth quarter.   

  • Grade cards will be mailed home July 31st.