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At-Home Learning Expectations

Dear Students and Parents

Due to COVID-19, our district has been forced to move to a distance learning model of instruction.  This document is to provide a framework and guidance as we complete the 2019-2020 school year.


Huntington Local School District Administration has determined that the expectation for work be limited to three (3) activities per subject, per week.  The focus is on the critical standards needed for the content area. It is recommended each student give maximum commitment each day to complete the activities as needed.

Delivery Method:

High School students should make every effort to access their online accounts to complete assigned activities.  If you have trouble logging into any of your accounts please contact your teacher and/or Mr. Kerns via email or call the office and leave a message.  

Examples:  Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Docs, Khan Academy, etc…

If you do not have access to the internet and are unable to log into an account using a computer or even your smartphone you will be provided paper packets.  These packets will be mailed as soon as possible considering our current working situations.  

If your instructor does not use an online platform, they will submit packets of activities/assignments to the office and those will be mailed to the students in a timely manner.

Academic Support:

Administration and teaching staff will answer email questions regarding student work, assist signing into accounts or any other questions parents may have regarding their child’s schooling.  

*24 Hour Rule:  If you call the school and leave a message, every effort will be made to return your call within 24 hours.  (Weekend calls will be answered by Tuesday)

It is our hope that these guidelines and expectations are taken seriously and help each of our students maintain or even improve current academic skills.  We also hope during this time away from school you are able to enjoy your family time, stay healthy and continue to challenge yourself on a daily basis. Please reach out to us if you or your family needs support.  We miss you and hope to see you all soon!


Craig Kerns, Principal

Huntington High School