Good morning.  I hope this message finds you safe and healthy.  As you are aware we have entered uncharted territory as it relates to the Coronavirus and how it has had an impact on schools across the state and country.  I want to assure you that every effort will be made to help you get to experience as many of the activities as possible that come with the end of your senior year.  Once schools were shut down and closed until at least April 6 we were forced to look at the end of the school year through a different lense.  Many of these decisions, as to how to proceed with events such as prom, academic ceremonies, athletic seasons and graduation will take place once we hit April 6 and get a better understanding of what the rest of the school year will look like.  As always, all of our decisions will take into account the health and safety of all of our students and staff as well as what information the Ohio Department of Education and the Governor's office provides us.  Below are a few thoughts concerning some of our big activities coming up this spring.

-As mentioned in our senior class trip meeting.  We will continue to think (outside the box) of ways to make up for the loss of the trip to DC and Florida. 

-Caps and Gowns are scheduled to be delivered  on Thursday, March 26.  Due to the Governor's orders given yesterday we have moved the pick up location to the Family Dollar at the intersection of Blain Highway and State Route 772.  Mr. Held, from Jostens will set up a drive through and pick up at the Family Dollar on Thursday, March 26.  Students or family members can pick up their cap and gown from 8:00-10:00 am at the Family Dollar parking lot on Thursday, March 26.  If you still owe you can pay ahead of time by calling 800-567-8367.  By calling ahead this will allow you to eliminate any extra contact with other people.  

-Seniors should adhere to the scholarship deadlines.  Follow the instructions for submitting the scholarships.  Some are to be mailed directly to the sponsor of the scholarship.  Some are to be turned into the guidance office.  For those, either scan and email the completed scholarship to Mrs. Rogers or email the completed scholarship to Mrs. Rogers, postmarked on or before the due date.  
Huntington High School
Attn:  Mrs. Rogers
188 Huntsman Road
Chillicothe, OH  45601

-DIscussions will take place on or soon after April 6 concerning other events or activities.  Those discussion will include prom, academic ceremonies (NHS, Awards Assemblies), and of course graduation.  Once decisions are made we will do our best to communicate any changes if they are necessary.  Let me be clear, we do not have any answers as of now how these events will be affected and nothing has been changed as of today.  As we continue to learn more and receive guidelines from state officials we will have discussions and make decisions then communicate them to you as soon as possible. 

-We will wait to hear from the OHSAA concerning spring sports activities.  Once we get their suggestions or guidelines we will communicate with each of our coaches.  As of right now we are still operating under a NO CONTACT period for spring sports.   

I can't encourage you enough to follow the guidelines put forth from our State Governor.  Maintain social distancing (6 feet or more), only leave home for essential purposes, wash your hands regularly and be aware of your overall health and safety.  I would also urge you to encourage those around you to take these precautions seriously.  The better we follow these guidelines now the quicker we can return to normal living.  

The staff and administration miss each of you and hope the best for you during this crazy time.  We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.  

Take care and have a great day.