Warm -up:

4-6 minutes of cardio (running, hopping, skipping, bike riding, walking, basketball or any activity that gets your heart rate elevated)

Strength & Flexibility-

-arm circles (forward & backward)

-shoulder shrugs

-calf raises

-push ups (modify if needed, on your knees)


-sit ups

-bear crawl

-crab walk


-hopping on one foot ( do each foot for 25 seconds)

-wall sit ( 30 seconds)

-pull ups (if you have a bar)


-one leg in, one leg out (do both legs)

-both legs apart, reach out to the middle, to the left leg, to the right leg

-lay on your side, pull one leg back (switch to do the other side)

-half bridge (lay on back lift hips off the ground 20 seconds)

-standing with feet together, touch your toes

-standing with feet apart, down to the left, down to the right, in the middle

-ski jumpers


Do an activity or play a game (not video games) for 15-20 minutes


Basketball, baseball, kickball, soccer, hockey, tag, freeze tag, spiders & flies, Mr. Fox, capture the flag, hide and seek, Clean your room, help clean the house, volleyball, dancing, gymnastics, frisbee, archery, hop scotch, hula hoop, golf, bike riding etc.

Huntsmen Buck Challenge

-Create and activity log

-Document each of your workouts

-Complete a workout 2-3 days a week

-Turn in one (1) workout log for EACH week we are off school (2-3 workouts per week)

-Receive five (5) Huntsmen Bucks for each completed week

-Example workout log

Name____________________________ Grade___________________________Homeroom teacher_____________________

Week 1

Day 1 Warm up Strength/flexibility Activity/game

3/17 Ran around my house 4min 12 min basketball 15 min

3/19 bike ride 5 min 11 min kickball 20 min

-On a separate sheet of paper-

Draw a picture of you doing any of the activities from the week. Write two (2) sentences to tell me about what you did.







Eating a Healthy Snack

Tips for eating and drinking healthy-

- Drink water first for thirst, try to limit your drinks with sugar. If you do have juice, try to choose 100% juice!

- Try to eat from the five food groups

  • protein
  • vegetables
  • fruits
  • grain
  • dairy

-Create a food log for extra Huntsmen Buck


3/17 Today I ate carrots for a snack instead of cookies and for dinner we had corn beef & cabbage with red potatoes. This high in fiber snack/meal is great for my digestive system.

3/19 Today I had 100% fruit juice instead of Gatorade. Way less sugar is better for my health.

Every day you create a food log will earn you 2 (two) Huntsmen Bucks!

Try to work hard and eat healthy over the next three (3) weeks, hope to see you all soon!

Mr. Fischer